Are You Ready To Easily Drop The Weight Once And For All?

Transform From Overweight & Self-Conscious To Fit, Happy & Radiantly Confident Without Dieting Or Crazy Workouts.

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What is the The Fit Forever™ Package?

The Fit Forever™ Package is a counterintuitive approach to easily drop the weight, that allows you to have your dream body without dieting, diet pills or boring workouts.

We achieve this by implementing customized, simple food, mindset and exercise plans. Once you implement your personalized plans the weight just falls off!

And as a result...this frees you up to enjoy your time doing what you love without needing to waste hours at the gym - this is the Fit Forever™ Package.

You see, the truth is that it's not your fault that you haven't been able to lose weight and keep it off.

You've just been given the wrong information.

It's NOT about new fad diets or increasingly punishing workouts.

If it was, most of us would've lost the weight years ago.

To this point you have lacked having the plan that fits you and your situation that was doable. Plus, you have never been supported with previous attempts. The Fit Forever™ Package solves this...


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The Fit Forever™ Package Is a Shortcut...

Before I created the Fit Forever™ Package - I was struggling to drop the weight and was sad and frustrated.

I was fat, my confidence was at an all time low.

My kids were not impressed with the example I was setting.

Frankly, I was miserable.

This lead me to questioning everything and eventually turning the entire weight loss model upside down, breaking the rules and freeing me from the the old ways.

After 5-years of trial-and-error, testing everything and figuring things out the hard way - without anyone guiding me I've finally reached a point where I put the pieces together and dropped 47 pounds once and for all in just under 3 months.

Now, you have the opportunity to duplicate the entire system I built by receiving access to our program...

Here's how it works:

So If This Sounds Like You...

Your Mental Image Of Yourself Doesn't Match Reality

Every time you see yourself in a picture, you have to reconcile the fact that the mental image you have of yourself isn't the reality that other people see.

You know that you're overweight, and you like to think that you're honest with yourself about how you look, but every time you see yourself in a full body picture you realize that you're bigger than you think of yourself.

And it hurts. Every time.

You're Sick Of Always Worrying About Your Weight

It's a heavy burden to carry, and you want to be free of the time, energy and focus it demands from you. As one of my clients put it, you're sick of "the free rent that this takes up in [my] mind".

You Lack Energy And Confidence

You're always tired. You don't have the "get up & go" that you feel you should. And you're terribly self-conscious about your body, to the point of avoiding all situations where you might be judged on it (like having your photo taken, or even just going out in public).

You've Already Tried Just About Every Diet Ever Invented

This ain't your first rodeo. Not by a long shot. In fact you've probably tried many, many times. You might have even lost some weight at one point or another. But you've never been able to get it off and
keep it off.

Hi, I'm Tom Richardell!

As you can see I'm not some 20-something social media fitness influencer.

I'm just a normal, healthy 47 year old man with the energy & confidence to enjoy life.

But that wasn't the case just a few short years ago.

Back then I was 47 pounds heavier
than I am now.

I was deeply embarrassed about how I looked...

... and a seasoned pro at avoiding becoming the center of attention or, god forbid, having my picture taken.

I was also unbelievably frustrated that I couldn't lose the weight.

It certainly wasn't for a lack of trying...

I'd tried just about every diet under the sun.

But no matter what I did, the weight wouldn't come off...

or if it did, it wouldn't stay off.

I thought there was something wrong with me.

That I was “broken” in some way.

But I was determined not to give up.

I became a mad scientist, obsessed with learning everything I could about biology, nutrition and losing weight...

Until eventually I discovered the real truth about weight loss...and it became crystal clear to me why over 97%

of people who try to lose weight and keep it off, fail.

That discovery not only made it possible for me to drop those 47 lbs and

effortlessly maintain my new weight ever since...

It made me angry that so many people out there are doing their best to reach a healthy weight, but are failing to get the results through no fault of their own.

So I developed the Fit Forever™ Package

... which has now helped over 1,200 people drop weight that other diets and weight loss programs have not been able to budge.

My mission is to help more people reach a natural, healthy weight... and stay there for good.

... to no longer feel ashamed or embarrassed about their bodies.

... to walk into any meeting or social event with the energy and confidence that they deserve to have.

... to do it while continuing to live their already busy lives...

without starving themselves or spending hours in the gym every day.

And I've already helped hundreds of women do exactly that.

You can see a handful of my many success stories on this page.

Which is why I can say with absolute confidence:

When you follow the Fit Forever™ Package, you will be absolutely blown away when you look in the mirror in a few weeks' time.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside!


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Fit Forever™ ebook

In this 145 page book the complete system revealed for easy and forever weight loss without dieting, sketchy diet pills or long boring workouts.


Radiate Confidence & Clarity

In 5 minutes, optimize your mindset so you never again struggle with motivation and your transformation becomes EASY!


Everyday Eating Essentials

Simple, easy food plan! Just regular foods that you love from the grocery store. Includes how to still enjoy your favorite restaurants and stay on course!


Your Healthier Cart Checklist

Simplifies grocery shopping with this simple checklist, no more guessing what to get. Get in and out of the grocery store in record time!


Jumpstart Your Healthy Life

Simple step-by-step guide to jumpstart your journey! Everything laid out for your first 7 days!


Everyday Fitness Made Easy

Ease into our simple exercise plan, no special equipment needed, can be done from the comfort of your home!


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is The Fit Forever™ Package for?

It's for high-achieving men and women aged 35 and over who are being held back by low energy and a lack of confidence due to their weight.

What do I get when I buy The Fit Forever™ Package?

This is a fully digital product. You don't have to wait for anything to arrive in the mail. The great thing about this is that you will have access to it in minutes. I want to harness the excitement you're feeling right now and get you started right away. You can even do your week 1 shopping today and start tomorrow…or start today! The files are in PDF format, and our super supportive community is also online.

After you create your account, you will automatically be taken to a page where you will schedule your 15 minute private coaching call to customize your plans to you and your situation. Within minutes of ordering you will receive an email with your login credentials so you can view everything on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

How do I know this will work for me, when every other program I've tried has failed?

Because I've been there too. I was 47 pounds overweight and tried just about every weight loss program ever invented... and they all failed.

This program is not some marketing gimmick or diet fad. It's the result of years of research into human biology & nutrition. And the results that my clients consistently achieve is proof that it works.

I am really overweight. Will this program be too hard for me? Please be honest.

The program is designed to get you incredible results quickly, so naturally, whether you are looking to drop 20 pounds or 120 pounds, it will likely be challenging. However, your weight (and life) won't change unless you change what you're doing right now.

If I were still 47 pounds overweight, this is the program I would want to do. Firstly because it does such a fantastic job of getting the weight off FAST... and then keeping it off. And secondly, because it's doesn't rely on starving yourself or exercising until you collapse. For example, one of the exercise options is walking, which is literally the best place to start if you haven’t moved your body in a long time. And because the food plans were made using the principle of calorie density, the portions are much larger than what’s usually offered on a typical diet, so it makes it easier to transition.

And when you do stick to it... I promise that you will be absolutely blown away when you look in the mirror in a weeks' time. And once you have that weight off, keeping it off honestly IS effortless using my methods... because you don't have to deprive yourself or work your butt off in the gym to do it. You really can have your cake and eat it too!

Will this work for me, even if I don’t have a gym membership?

I designed this program to be so accessible that anyone can do it. You can go to the gym if you choose, or you can choose to do your workouts in the comfort of your own home.

Do I have to take any supplements?

Let me tell you a dirty little secret that will probably get me banned for life from the weight loss guru club: supplements are NEVER necessary with good nutrition. In fact, I have been a full time fitness professional since 2010 and I have never sold a supplement. But for most people it is not a bad idea to get a Vitamin D and Magnesium supplement from their local grocery store, Walmart or pharmacy because these are the two most deficit micro nutrients for adults in the United States.